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tobb-mint-irodahazNot just an office block

Minimal-style and built with energy-saving methods, Moha Ház might be the building with the lowest maintenance fee in the city - and it currently has free space!


Co-working offices were invented for people who work at several different places, but need one where their phone calls are answered, their mail is collected and where they can also work if needed.

programok-a-mohahazbanPrograms in Moha Ház

Start Workshop
Business Plan Workshop
Pre-export Workshop
Fundraising Workshop

start-up-programStart-up progam for women

If you'd like to become an entrepreneur, sign up now! We'll help you perfect your business plan and provide helpful advice, but you can also count on us as investors.

cegutodlasFinding the next CEO

Our goal is to find the perfect solution for the owner, based on their situation and to take part in the process. We can help you with finding/choosing the perfect candidate and improving their leadership skills.



Each month, a new contemporary artist is given the chance to share their art in the Moha Gallery. So far, we've displayed the portfolios of 25 inspiring artists.

Our spacious and luminous conference and training rooms are available for (press) conferences, seminars, workshops, receptions, negotiations and training sessions.

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MOHA House is a building complex yielded in 2011 in the heart of Zugló. Already while in the development phase we focused on high quality and environmentally sound features. The thermal insulation and eco-friendly automation, as well as the secondary usage of hot water, all helped us to create a venue complying with the principles of sustainable development.
In terms of the green development we created the Panoráma room on the top floor of the building which has a terrace overlooking the Buda hills. Because of its location this cozy terrace is a preferred venue of cocktail parties and receptions. The green yard of the house adds a special cheer to the events. Our MOHA 300 hall opens up towards this yard, providing an opportunity to arrange distinctive events, offering the option of setting up an open-air buffet. The rooms and halls can be variable in a number of ways by using the different rooms and banquet-halls.
The venue can be easily accessed by public transport (tram nr. 1 and bus nr. 7 and its variables), Keleti Railway Station is also close by. Parking is free of charge in the surrounding streets, however, the house also has a closed, monitored parking lot.
There is a restaurant in the house, but we welcome all preferred caterers of our clients as well.
Accommodation can be assured in one of the hotels in the area; we maintain good relations with the hotels in our neighborhood.
Virtual office was made to those freelancers, who work in more locations, but they need a place, where their phone calls and incoming mails are being handled, and where, in cases they can transact a conference. It's also ideal for those entrepreneurs from country towns, who would like a representation in the capital, too, and a place, where they can drop by to work or negotiate, travelling through Budapest.

Our business model is aimed at small enterprises with realistic plans, to whom MOHA House's complex offerings are appealing, ranging from questions in connection with financing and fundraising to simple business administration. Thanks to our proficiency in business, finance and accountancy, we are able to see into companies with bigger potential and a long-term history, therefore they can proceed shortly after consulting us. Having gained the trust of the enterprises, we have started accountancy and counselling services in the house (the latter concerning wages, taxes and social insurance), both for companies working in the house or on another site. The unrestricted version of the Exact system, used to control enterprises, makes it possible for us to provide up-to-date financial/ leadership informations and analisations (even from over a hundred kilometres' distance) to our mandators, but our partners can also have direct access to their data. We know well the financial problems of the enterprises, we make credit requests. As an accredited institute of education, we are able to help companies to develop fast and cost-efficiently. During our work, we are accompanied by an excellent lawyer, some tax advisors, a strategic coach and an HR specialist. Smaller EU tenderings are made with the contribution of our tendering-writer partner, in case of a complex one, our own professionals. Our goal is to promote our clients' growth and successful performance on the market by giving improvement-helping services and mediating the necessary capital transfer.


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